The news filters back to me that, following thursday’s First Bite presentations, Untied Artists have won one of the commissions. This means a spring platform for the extended version of Al Bowlly, courtesy of WAC and the mac. I’m thrilled for Jake, Jo and Peter Cann – who’ve all worked hard to develop the piece over the past 6 months or so. The show has legs to it … as the audience participation and dancehall shenanigans will no doubt prove.

Oldershaw and Cann make you an offer you cannot put in the refuse.

Here’s the link to Steven Davies’s pictures from First Bite…(


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  1. The other successful project is Caroline Horton / Tangram Theatre’s “You’re not like the other girls, Chrissy” – a very touching and finely executed piece, in which Caroline interviews and investigates how her French grandmother came to end up in Staffordshire.

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