In my absence (I was on international duty with Stan’s Cafe), the Modified Toy Orchestra audition for a replacement 5th member. Here’s a clip of Jason from The Gadget Show trying his luck with the art of circuit bending. Will my position in the band still be safe, I wonder? I’m trying to interpret Brian’s eyebrow movements for a clue.…(link to Episode 15’s challenge)


One Response to “gadgetshow”

  1. 1 Tim Bishop

    Haha BRILLIANT!!! That was the perfect break from my approaches essay (Jameson quotes on Postmodernism were starting to get to me!).

    – SPOILER ALERT in case people haven’t watched yet:

    Obviously they would have won the challenge had you been on board! But, if it’s any consolation to them, I definitely preferred the MTO version! I think your position should definitely be safe though I felt a Graeme-shaped gap in their performance! Good luck trying to interpret Brian’s eyebrow movements – didn’t give anything away to me!

    Btw I think Jason from the gadget show used to be a student in the dept…

    See you soon Grae!

    Tim x

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