bouncy castle and surprises


Birmingham City Council this week released news of its impending funding cuts and surprise, surprise! …. the independent contemporary arts get the slash. Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Fierce, Big Brum, Women & Theatre and Stan’s Cafe….and more (link to Birmingham Post article)

Here’s something to cheer us up through all the current gloom-mongering. A theatre(ish) party (which means normal people are also invited). We’re doing our level best to warm the place up in rehearsals this week and by saturday the jive will be certainly jumpin’.

Be there.


3 Responses to “bouncy castle and surprises”

  1. 1 James Yarker

    Just back from setting up more lights, more sounds, more smoke, more heat. It’s going to be great.

  2. 2 Mike

    Really looking forward to seeing it!

  3. Hi – Can you please remove the post from Mike above. I dont know why but his name s linking to my site and is doing so without permission. Please remove. Kind Regards Hanna, Best Bounce

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