mto@Crewe: Axis all areas


The Toy Orchestra (wrapped up in defiance of the Digbeth chill) during sunday’s final rehearsal before this evening’s gig at Axis Arts Centre, Crewe.  The Toys themselves started to moan a bit at the conditions, with wayward pitch-shifting and unresponsive modifications. I’m looking forward to revisiting this venue on its new site – it having moved from the Alsager Campus a couple of years ago.


One Response to “mto@Crewe: Axis all areas”

  1. Ok, the smoke has now dispersed. To all those who were there at this tense affair, thanks. We hope your patience was rewarded with a great night. To those who missed or couldn’t get it to this sell-out at Axis…. a major piece of our kit blew up as we started the set, prompting an heroic rescue with spare fuses and eventually replacement mixing desk midst the acrid whiff of damaged electronic innards. It was a little hairy – and with the real danger of us having to pull the gig altogether. But thanks to some rapid diagnostics, good humour and a brilliant Tech team at Axis, sound was restored after 45 mins. It was an unusual mix, with some wild variations from the Toys, but all went smoothly thereafter. Next outing for us is a Live Session on 6 music on 7th March. More later….

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