rites of spring


Yet another casualty of the current funding scythe is the IKON-Eastside gallery, in Digbeth, Birmingham. This weekend sees the venue’s celebratory swan-song with a three-day, artist-led music festival called Rites of Spring.

“Modified Toy Orchestra, Martin Creed and his band and Fyfe Dangerfield headline the three-night festival, which showcases a pick of emerging folk, pop and electronic talent from Birmingham and further afield.”

MTO will be playing our complete Plastic Planet set at IKON-Eastside on thursday, 7th April 2011. It will be our first hometown performance since September’s Town Hall gig.


One Response to “rites of spring”

  1. Hi Graeme,
    Read your words re the cuts and people’s understanding of what they mean – very well put. It is going to be a difficult few years ahead. I have been excited, inspired and challenged by Foursight, Shared Experience and Theatre Absolutes work in the past and they are all companies whose name would draw me to their work (and recommend it to others). They are also 3 companies who have developed a specific style and yet have still pushed boundaries (not unlke Trestle another casualty). Am glad Stan’s Cafe got through. And yes let’s celebrate the vibrant arts scene that is happening and will happen despite it all. Gill PS am hopeless at doing links but am going to try and pinch your Sam West link and put it on my blog!

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