The Q


‘Queue Enhancement Specialist’ Rose break-dances his way round Talking Birds’ FarGo rehearsal unit, sporting crisp-out-of-the-bag tangerine streetwear (see pic).

By way of celebrating the London 2012 Open Weekend (1 whole year to go ’til the Olympics) Talking Birds will introduce The Q to the precincts of Coventry this coming friday and saturday. The Q team will illustrate and recognise good practice in the field of queueing and in doing so aim to elevate the great British tradition of queueing to Olympic sporting status. It’s a cheap way of trying to get more medals, but we think we’re on to something.

Obviously one person maketh not a queue. No, a queue happens as soon as one of you starts breathing down my neck, so come along and join on the line.

You can follow the Q_mob Twitter feed for updates.


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