lost bassoon



On July 18, 2011, Heckel bassoon No. 11321-5 was stolen from Gretha Tuls, principal bassoon in CBSO, Birmingham UK in her house.

The bassoon has a light brown colour, has a Dutch leg rest on it( legrest itself wasn’t taken). the keys are nickelplated and the top ring is white.

It contains 2 Heckel crooks as well: CD 2 XL and CC 1 XL. It is carried in a black Marcus Bonna case with the brand name ADAMS on it. ( the bassoon comes apart in 4 pieces in the case)

email: grethatuls@hotmail.com
phone: 00447747315746
dutch phone: 0031629466318

Gretha is my next door neighbour. The burglars were prevented from breaking into our house by quick-witted and vigilant Iris, who spotted them lurking in the back yard. They will have no idea how important the instrument is to Gretha. It’s a pointless theft. If anyone has any information or hears of it being offloaded, please get in touch.


2 Responses to “lost bassoon”

  1. Watch or listen to Gretha and the CBSO tonight at the Proms (saturday 30th July) with her borrowed instrument.

  2. The post-script to this story is that at the beginning of this year a man walked into Hobgoblin Music, Digbeth, Birmingham, wanting to sell a bassoon (although he didn’t refer to the instrument by name so probably had no idea what it was). He claimed that the instrument had been his grandad’s and that it was worth a lot of money – about £600! The Hobgoblin staff, quick-witted enough to recognise something was amiss, offered him £100, which he accepted. Hobgoblin immediately rang the CBSO Centre and Gretha was reunited with her beloved Heckel, which, needless to say, is worth a lot more than £100. A happy ending.

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