Kindle talk about The Furies in London’s Undergound


The Furies continues to beguile the innocent in it’s dank, dark Waterloo bunker – spurred on by sell out audiences and some tasty reviews.

mid * point

Kindle Theatre take THE FURIES to VAULT Festival, London.

Since we started in 2005 we seem to have thrived off some kind of horror or another, whether that be a story that informs the content of a project – blasphemy, cannibalism, murder, or whether that be an actual part of the making process; we went through a phase of using an excessive amount of fake blood and stained lots of things: the herringbone tiles of a church floor, a ceiling and various articles of clothing and costume. (We do always repair our recklessness)

(Image: Bianca Hervey)

After 7 years it seems we’ve graduated from the use of the fake stuff to actual blood, sweat and tears of taking our first touring project THE FURIES to London. Of course we’ve not done it alone. Collaboration is a massive part of how we work and we’re indebted to those who have encouraged…

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One Response to “Kindle talk about The Furies in London’s Undergound”

  1. Stunning quest there. What happened after?
    Take care!

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