end of the world #2: west terrace cemetery


On the heels of our Gaol sentence with the Adelaide Festival I’m asked to deliver a Festival Eulogy in a performance tomorrow night at West Terrace Cemetery, entitled “End of the World”. The audience will be transported from the Barrio to this secret candle-lit location, where the passing of the Festival will be marked. The cemetery here is the final resting place of the Victorian pioneers who founded this settlement back in the 1830’s/40’s and as a the boneyard is a fascinating insight into the social and ethnic history of the State.

Co-incidentally my oldest friend from home Andy Lee asks me to track down four Victoria Cross recipients whose bodies are interred in this green grass/red earth. Andy – a collector of old stuff since our boyhood ‘bottle-digging’ trips – has been logging the sites and conditions of VC. graves for the past 13 years or so and has built up an impressive, perhaps obsessive database.


2 Responses to “end of the world #2: west terrace cemetery”

  1. 1 Ex GFU

    So pleace tell me:
    Where is this cementery located?
    Why is called “end of de world?

  2. Here is the location …. https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?client=safari&q=west+terrace+cemetery+adelaide&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&hl=en

    The event organised by the Adelaide Festival Barrio was called “End of the World”, referring to both the end of the Festival ‘bubble’ and the idea of Death as The End.

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