food for thought



Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Black Country Touring in association with Foursight Theatre

18th – 27th October 2012

Rep@The Roundhouse, Sheepcote St., Birmingham

Link to Rep Box Office


We take food for granted; we diet, overindulge, grab it on the go, but rarely do we delve into its stories. From famine to hunger strike, persecution to celebration, anorexia to obesity, food and eating has an important place in historical events, the present news and our own emotional memories.

 This year a team of researchers, writers, actors and designers, The REP, and Black Country Touring will cook up a new piece of drama based on personal accounts of what, when and how we eat and why it matters. We don’t know where the stories will take us, but if you sawBehna or The Cornershop you’ll know to expect a unique, intimate and tasty theatre experience.


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