A few hours ago, Austrian daredevil-skydiver Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of sound and in the process broke a 50 year-old altitude record by freefalling 24 miles from a stratospheric balloon high above Roswell, New Mexico. Next Friday I’ll attempt my own slip across a sound barrier by flitting direct from a performance of EAT! at The Roundhouse (off Broad St.) across town to the Custard Factory for the opening of  Supersonic Festival (this year celebrating a decade of promoting Adventurous music in the City) – all without the aid of oxygen or protective suit.

The Modified Toy Orchestra return to Supersonic with a set that will include fan favourites alongside some newly-worked material. Efficionados of the Toys also note that the latest kid on the block will be revealed on the night. It will be special (MTO details).


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