food futures


I’m currently directing a group of young makers in this project commissioned by the The New Optimists / Science Forward. The work, broadly titled ‘Narrativium’ is a response to the ‘Birmingham 2050 Scenarios’, a remarkable dossier which incorporates scenario-planning to understand how we can imagine and prepare for possible futures; asking big questions about resourcing and sustainability models. How can a City of a million people continue to feed itself in the face of resource depletion?, environmental change?, political unrest?, etc.

Jenny Lee, Kat Hannaford, Sipho Eric Dube and Carl Sealeaf make up the devising/performing team.

Food Futures is a work-in-progress performance designed to continue the conversation. It takes place in the Foyle Studio, mac, Birmingham at 7.30pm, 27th September 2014. The performance will be followed by a Question and Answer discussion, chaired by Kate Cooper of The New Optimists.


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