Review: JEKYLL AND HYDE (Chung Ying Theatre/Jonathan Holloway)


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Chung Ying Theatre Company’s production with UK artists is possibly the first of its kind in Hong Kong.  More often than not we attract international performance companies who grace our stages for Le French May and our annual International Arts Festival (thank you Arts Festival for introducing me to my hero Peter Brook), whilst local Cantonese productions fit only within that language-speaking niche of an audience.

Director Jonathan Holloway leads a mixed group of UK and HK actors in a collaborative effort of cross-cultural partnership (perhaps the first of many, so the grapevine reports).  The result is a gripping adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” that etched some powerful moments into the audience’s mind.

The chilling atmosphere was integral in setting the story – lingering just enough to keep you out of your comfort zone.  And this is not a play that caters to comfort zones:…

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