The Furies at the British Council Showcase 2015


Kiln ensemble (the artists formerly known as Kindle Theatre) return to Summerhall, Edinburgh this August with The  Furies; a brash, glammed-up retelling of the revenge narrative of Clytemnestra against brutish husband Agamemnon. The show takes the form of a rock gig, with The Furies as girl-band, driving the story along with songs and extended voice – all accompanied by enslaved rhythm-section, Donna & Blitzen (aka. Phill Ward & Russell Collins from Sylvia)

This will be the first appearance of KILN ensemble at The British Council Showcase, which is held every two years as a showcase for the most innovative and exciting new work emerging from the UK.

The Furies performs in the Dissection Room, Summerhall, from monday 24th to friday 25th August, nightly at 11.55pm.

Link to the Summerhall Box Office

THE FURIES from Mathew Beckett on Vimeo.


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