Revisiting #StopFoodCrime


On the back of the hugely successful Bullring performances back in May 2016, “The Hand That Feeds” was re-presented in Castle Vale, and then Victoria Square, Birmingham, at the invitation of Councillor Clare Spencer. River Rea Films have created a trailer which documents this latest chapter in the life of the project;

Consumers place a huge amount of trust in the labelling of our food, and in the  supply chains that deliver food to our shops, markets and plates. But how possible is it to know what it is that you’re really eating? The horsemeat scandal exposed vulnerabilities in the supply chain, and it was only through DNA testing of frozen lasagnas that the true meat source was identified. There have been countless other stories about Food Criminality – such as the tainting of Paprika and other spices,  the ‘cutting’ of baby formula in China, etc., but the idea of eating horsemeat touched a nerve at the heart of local sensibilities. That is why the story broke in the UK in the way that it did back in 2013.

Criminal networks recognise this vulnerability in food systems, and know that huge profits can be made – not just in the cheap, processed produce but also high-end exclusive items (see also This LINK). There has never been a greater need for adequate policing of our food supply networks. As UK food prices set to rise under the spectre and reality of Brexit, there will be increased temptation to ‘cut’ and dilute quality in the name of profit.

Prof. Chris Elliott, the scientific advisor on this project, was commissioned by the Government to write a report on the impact of the horsemen scandal. His Twitterfeed is an excellent way of keeping up to date with breaking stories which do not necessarily make it through to the mainstream media.

Enjoy your lunch!




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