Street Party


On the 7th June 1977, in an event commonly seen across the UK, the residents of Naunton Close & Clover Road, (together with the Swarthmore residents who lived ‘down the passage’) gathered for a Street Party to celebrate 25 years since the Queen’s accession to the throne.

I’m posting this because the current residents of Naunton are hosting a VE 75th Anniversary Street Party – under the strained conditions of the Covid-19 lockdown, and I believe it will be the first such gathering  since that Silver Jubilee party, 43 years ago, although my sis’ claims there was a Charles & Diana wedding party in 1981, with DJ too. I was too cool by this time to attend (probably on a Scout Camp).

Adversity brings people together, and I’m thrilled to see a thriving community spirit in the old street. Although I’m now just an occasional visitor, Naunton Close has always been ‘home’. My parents were amongst the first to move in to the street as it was being built. 25th May 1963 was the date mom and dad took possession of the house.

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Their first neighbours included the Greens (left corner of Clover), the Knight family (No.5), Kirkham (No.7), Wood (No.11), Moles (No.15), Margaret and Norman (No.17), Yates (No.32), Hill (No.30), Edwards (No.24), Don Lee (No.22), Roses (No.20), Officers (No.18), John and Val Lee (No.16), Lal & Tom (No.14), Bates (No.12), Phelps (No.8), Ashworths (No.6), Amanns (No.4) and Mrs George & son at No.2., to be later joined by the Moppets (No.9), the Borges family from Venezuela (No.11), Rymills (No.22) and Morrisons (No.18).

As so many of the families settled into their first homes, it was inevitable that by the early and mid-70’s the place was teeming with kids. In my estimation, at it’s chaotic height, there were 48 kids under the age of 16, living as part of the Close, and playing out in the street.

We were always having to retrieve our football from Margaret and Norman’s garden. I hope Margaret forgives us…

I will try to keep adding to this as the collective memory contributes more detail. Meanwhile, hoping the current residents have a smashing get-together to not only mark the passing of what was a terrible time for our forebears, but also to celebrate togetherness in these similarly difficult times.


2 Responses to “Street Party”

  1. 1 Peter Moore

    We didn’t have a street party for the Jubilee, but I did make crepe paper red, white and blue bunting and made my dad hang it from the eaves of the house. On Jubilee day it rained in Surrey, and Dad’s pristine white pebbledash was streaked with blue and red dye for at least a week hence…

    • 🙂 Ah, how heart-warming, Peter. My dad, being an engineer, managed to weld me a ‘bolt-through-the-neck’ accessory for my Frankenstein’s monster outfit. I’m sure the brief had a connection to the Silver Jubilee but… it eludes me

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