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a smudge


On the underside of the shelf, directly above my face, I see a pattern, faintly revealed. The secret mapping of some hitherto uncharted but enchanting place. I think back to a time when Time stood still; when boy-me could spend an age picking out a face from a wallpaper-smudge or a demon from a cloudy […]

Orpheus The temptation is too great. He drives himself to find some evidence of her presence in the world – knowing that it is totally wrong; knowing that it can do no good. He hates himself for it. He thinks he can cauterise his wounds in some noble way. But it doesn’t work. It never works. […]

Fork Rage


Ok – I admit I was agitated. I’d been bottling stuff up over a long period of time. ——- The fork didn’t deserve it. Even though it refused to behave like a fork should – fell off the surface not once, but twice, as if it wanted to pick a fight. ——- I should’ve turned […]