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Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. What do you get for a man on the ninth of the ninth of the ninth? A ride in a fire engine? A scale model of a Ford Anglia squad car, with flashing lights and fully pose-able parts? If he were 99, I might consider it. But he’s 72. I […]

The arrival home from Toronto last week was a bittersweet affair. Toronto rocked. I loved it there and felt very at home, thanks in no small part to the melange of lovely people at The HarbourFront Centre and beyond, who were so welcoming and supportive of our endeavours. We brought back a few souvenirs (IceWine […]

It’s a mystery to me that anyone has bothered to read this – especially as I made no special attempt to publicise it’s arrival in the bloggosphere. The fact that people have found it is testament, I guess, to people’s natural curiosity and their ability to hunt down like-mindedness in the ether. What I hadn’t […]