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After Toledo


A walk into the midday heat of the hills outside Toledo, May’95. Follow the lane with gaze fixed on the townscape to the left, trying to pinpoint the ultimate vista. The Alcazar crowns the skyline; pantile roofs tumble down. I was thinking of El Greco. I was also thinking… ‘I’ll remember this moment for the rest […]

Long ago, in the days before the AEHarris venue even a twinkle, Stan’s Cafe were resident on the top floor of an abandoned factory building on New Canal Street in a largely derelict part of Digbeth. There was a vibrant alternative cultural scene here, not to mention activity of the established giants; UB40’s studio round […]

lost in 90mins


It was the last day of the Premiership season, with five teams still thrashing out for survival in the top flight. Barely 3 months ago Birmingham City were delighting us with a triumphant Carling Cup-winning streak, but since then it’s all been ‘tired and weary’ with the road looking ever more slippery. The peculiar optimism felt at Wembley had […]

This week we went ’round the Wrekin to get back home again. And while we were there we walked up it. Lo! What a magnificent sight. Old Salop, the Borders and Wales beyond. Since I’m indulging my current phone-cam obsession after discovering the panorama setting, here’s another… …A walk around Edgbaston reservoir. (incredulous) In this sun […]

keep right on


Perpetual underdogs, also-rans, poor relations or (at best) runners-up; Birmingham City have WON… yes WON, the Carling Cup Final 2011. They stuck it up the artful Arsenal with a fantastically spirited and tenacious display which was thrilling to watch. Victory will take some getting used to, mind you. So unusual is it that I suspect it heralds […]

all hallows


Dark times… (largely thanks to a return to GMT this weekend)… and austerity. There are far fewer houses advertising their willingness this year, but a great plenty of ghouls out on the streets. In fact, Cotteridge is teeming with witches, ghosts and other indistinct creations. Entire zombie families are out there, pounding the streets in scenes reminiscent […]



The week went ….Brighton > Birmingham > London > Birmingham > London > Birmingham > Dorset. A band rehearsal in Digbeth, a nursery school project in Sparkbrook, an Installation in Wandsworth, a board meeting in Aldwich – a deep and varied sandwich filling between 2 slices of fun. This Blog is one year old today. […]

old skool


A visit to Wren’s Nest (a limestone outcrop just west of Dudley Town) feels like a step back in time. The last time I was here was 30 years ago, fossil-digging.  From that day I’m still niggled by the fact that I failed to complete my logbook for a Scout Geologist’s badge. I need closure. […]

I’m round at the familial home in Naunton Close and mom spots the calendar. After a sharp, but understated “Ooh!”, she declares that she and my dad were engaged on that very day, 25th September, 50 years ago. Details emerge to embellish the tale – a friday night, in town, the ABC cinema. Dad can’t remember the […]