keep right on


Perpetual underdogs, also-rans, poor relations or (at best) runners-up; Birmingham City have WON… yes WON, the Carling Cup Final 2011. They stuck it up the artful Arsenal with a fantastically spirited and tenacious display which was thrilling to watch. Victory will take some getting used to, mind you. So unusual is it that I suspect it heralds no less than a cultural shift, as it leaves me wondering to what extent my own psyche has been infected by the limited expectations that being a Blues fan has instilled.

For some reason today felt different. I didn’t doubt they could do it, against all the odds. So here’s to the power of belief; and to a new era of winning.


5 Responses to “keep right on”

  1. 1 Andy Battell

    Gotta say, the absence of any mention of my momentous visit has cut me to the quick!
    I even predicted a Blues win…
    You are no twin of mine….


  2. Reader, did I forget to mention that the weekend’s magnificence was made all the more so by the presence of my soul-buddy Andy who came all the way over from Waterford to visit? Andy is a supreme human specimen – the strong, sensitive and charismatic backbone of my first company’s shows Reservations and Inertia Real. (Glory What Glory). Winning serves nothing without loved ones to share it with. Come back, twin! x

  3. 3 Andy Battell

    Now we’re talking….
    Noticed I didn’t make it on to the main noticeboard tho, but hey better than a kick in my somewhat tender testicles:-)

    I’ll consider our twinning & get back to you….

    Go on then! x

  4. 4 Pete Moore

    Down to earth with a Baggy bump today though…?

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