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The penultimate episode of ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’ series from Stan’s Cafe, after the touring theatre version that we created and toured in 2013. Daily doses of Robert Burton’s recipe for understanding and treating Melancholy. Featuring (anti-clockwise from TL) Gerard Bell, Rochi Rampal, Craig Stephens and myself. Directed by James Yarker; produced by Stan’s Cafe.



Stan’s Cafe is 25 Years Old. In the Autumn of 1991 James and I moved into the terraced house at 85 Ombersley Rd., Balsall Heath, Birmingham, and the Stan’s Cafe adventure began in earnest. By the end of November we had started rehearsals for the very first project, Perry Como’s Christmas Cracker, and the first […]

I confess I find van-loads and get-ins energising; even exciting. Whilst it is arguably the hardest, most arduous part of gigging and something oft to be dreaded, Stan’s Cafe prides itself on an history of everyone mucking in. There are plenty of jobbing actors who might balk at the idea of emptying a truck or shifting set, but […]

Rehearsals have started for a latest offering from Stan’s Cafe; “Finger, Trigger, Bullet, Gun”. Unusually for Stan, this is a commisssioned play, penned by Serbian writer, director and former MP. Nenad Prokic. “Finger, Trigger, Bullet, Gun” concerns itself with the political manœverings which led to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, 1914 – an action credited with igniting World War I. […]



twilightofthefreakingods glimmer #2 from Stans Cafe on Vimeo. According to Peter Cann, It was a death scene so arch and so protracted that it rivalled Jimmy Cagney’s in Public Enemy (see here). Lasting 15-minutes or more, and unrehearsed, the job was to wind up on the pallet and be able to remain there motionless for […]

Paint It Black


Last Autumn, following the 4-hour staging of twilightofthefreakingods, Stan’s Cafe bade farewell to the epic industrial spaces of A.E.HarrisVenue, handing them back to the A.E.Harris Co. manufactory. The previous five years’ occupancy had seen countless spectacular works, performances and events – from the 112-tonne world version of The Rice Show (Of All The People In All The World) […]

Living Toys


It’s the realisation of a dream combination; Stan’s Cafe v. Modified Toy Orchestra v. Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. ‘Living Toys’ is a programme of new music performed for a family audience, with Stan’s Cafe devising a theatrical frame through which young eyes and ears might access and experience contemporary music for the first time. ‘Living […]

A Year of Stan


2013 was impressively productive for Stan’s Cafe and I’m chuffed to have been involved in projects throughout the year. Here is a downloadable cartoon round-up, by Craig; Click to access 2013_summary.pdf



twilightofthefreakingods glimmer #1 from Stans Cafe on Vimeo.

The Anatomy of Melancholy Trailer from Stans Cafe on Vimeo.   Stan’s Cafe presents The Anatomy of Melancholy Written four hundred years ago by librarian and vicar Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy has been described as ‘the greatest book ever written’. Its 1500 pages are full of cutting-edge science, maids vomiting pebbles, priests defecating […]