Constance Brown Bump-in


I confess I find van-loads and get-ins energising; even exciting. Whilst it is arguably the hardest, most arduous part of gigging and something oft to be dreaded, Stan’s Cafe prides itself on an history of everyone mucking in. There are plenty of jobbing actors who might balk at the idea of emptying a truck or shifting set, but if you’ve made your own work with co-operative principles then you know that the energy of a team comes from shared responsibilities. “All things commensurate with small-scale touring” was the phrase I remember from Red Shift contracts.

The sight of a loaded Paul Matthews artic leaving A.E.Harris last month made me immensely proud of the company’s achievements, because getting this show up and running at all, let alone abroad, is a huge undertaking.

Three days later Robbie (the driver – fresh from travelling with DV8 and a recent tour of Italy with our friends at Imitating The Dog) arrived in the Car Park behind Klub Stodola, Warsaw. Assisted by a shaven-headed Polish crew looking like paramilitaries, we unloaded the trailer and brought “The Cleansing Of Constance Brown” to audiences for the first time since Tanztage Potsdam, back in May 2011.

I’d been wanting to record a timelapse of the get-in since we started the project back in 2007. Thanks to the power of iPad, the task was made simple. Above is a rough, low res documentation of the get-in / bump-in / fit-up followed by a dress run of the show, prior to it opening as part of the XXII Crossroads Festival of Live Arts.


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  1. Excellent, and the music works brilliantly.

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