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Join Stan’s Cafe for a very special new production. Twilightofthefreakingods celebrates five glorious years @AEHarris. It will be the last performance at the venue before it ‘downsizes’ and we are planning to say goodbye in spectacular fashion. Twilightofthefreakingods is a large-scale theatrical experiment that slowly unfolds over 255 minutes with a cast of 13 ranging over more than 2000 square metres of performance space. It is a piece of visual theatre (very) loosely inspired by Götterdämmerung with the wonderful Nina West (The Cleansing of Constance Brown soundtrack) replacing Wagner at the sonic controls. The cast will be drawn from companies who have performed @AEHarris over the last five years. There will be no rehearsals, instead the cast will work from instructions and timetables unaware of what anyone else in the room will be doing. It will be an extraordinary occasion. As the show is both a celebration and unusually long, the bar will be open throughout serving flaming cocktails alongside snacks and more familiar drinks. Both cabaret and raked seating will be available for you to either engross yourself in the show or discuss it as it unfolds with your friends. You can change your viewing angle whenever you wish to concentrate on whatever strand of action you find most absorbing. Whatever happens it will be an event about which you will always want to say “and I was there”. There are just two performances: Thursday 10th October 19:00 – 23:15 and Saturday 12th October 19:45 – 24:00 Audience numbers are limited to 100 per night. To book please click here to visit our secure on-line Box Office and join us for this unique event. Twilightofthefreakingods is produced in association with Reel Access and Flatpack.

This is a trailer of the Stan's Cafe show The Cardinals. Three Cardinals in crimson robes are on a mission of evangelism. They are on tour with a puppet show they have made that sets out their abbreviated and extrapolated reading of the bible. The reading is abbreviated as it stages only a relatively small […]

Marble Run


Documentation of a long and complicated marble run built in collaboration with students and staff of Billesley Primary School, Birmingham in 2012. The Marble Run was delivered by lead artists Johnny O’Hanlon and Jack Trow. The project is part of a long-term programme of creative work devised in collaboration with Billesley Primary School. The Billesley […]

memento mori


In the Stan’s Cafe rehearsal room, working on “The Anatomy of Melancholy”, our adaptation of Robert Burton’s Jacobean compendium on health & wellbeing. The show premieres at Warwick Arts Centre, 12th – 15th March.

their eminences


Backstage @AEHarris venue, home of Stan’s Cafe, prior to the final performance The Cardinals. 2/2/13 (Gerard Bell, Craig Stephens & Graeme Rose. photo courtesy of Rochi Rampal)

In a rare visit to the Capital, Stan’s Cafe are performing The Cardinals this week at the Roundhouse Studio, Chalk Farm. The show is part of a programme of visual theatre that makes up this year’s London International Mime Festival.  Like our Roundhouse neighbours, the Argentinian adrenaline-junkies Fuerzabruta, who are currently performing in the Main House, Stan’s Cafe are […]

listen again


They’re separated by Hemispheres but co-incidental by date. Listen again via the following links to two national broadcasts which feature shows in the recent portfolio. The Velvet Gentleman – Interview with Richard Chew on ABC ‘RadioNational: The Music Show’, (broadcast 16/06/12) The Velvet Gentleman was presented by Various People Inc. at Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre, […]

An artist ought to regulate his life.
 Here is the exact time-table of my daily life:
 Get up: at 7:18 a.m.; inspired: from 10:23 to 11:47.  I lunch at 12:11 pm. and leave the table at 12:14.
      A healthy turn on the horse to the end of my grounds: from 1:19 to 2:53.  […]

Tonight until Saturday (26th May) Stan’s Cafe bring The Cardinals to The Drum at Plymouth’s Theatre Royal. Here’s a pic of the set – all dressed up and ready to take masses. Link to the TRP Box Office

Adam & Eve get a dressing down in front of the Tree of Knowledge – from today’s rehearsal of The Cardinals at AE Harris. Though the day felt full of purpose and good humour, Graeme Braidwood’s furtive camera-work reveals me as nothing short of man possessed. (see other pics here)