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Journalist Paul Klaric has kindly posted me this updated link to a TV feature he made for ABC’s ‘SA Stateline‘ in June 2010. The feature was first broadcast in South Australia in advance of the opening performance of Vesalius – a Requiem at RiAus, Adelaide. Originally produced by our company The Resurrectionists at the Old Operating […]

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They’re separated by Hemispheres but co-incidental by date. Listen again via the following links to two national broadcasts which feature shows in the recent portfolio. The Velvet Gentleman – Interview with Richard Chew on ABC ‘RadioNational: The Music Show’, (broadcast 16/06/12) The Velvet Gentleman was presented by Various People Inc. at Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre, […]

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Our Bon Maître, Richard Chew, plays Erik Satie in preparation for tomorrow’s premiere of The Velvet Gentleman at the Adelaide Festival Centre as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The three performances of the show had sold out before my plane touched down – testament not only to the enduring appeal of the composer but […]

An artist ought to regulate his life.
 Here is the exact time-table of my daily life:
 Get up: at 7:18 a.m.; inspired: from 10:23 to 11:47.  I lunch at 12:11 pm. and leave the table at 12:14.
      A healthy turn on the horse to the end of my grounds: from 1:19 to 2:53.  […]

On this night, 12th April, twenty years ago, Stan’s Cafe premiered the company’s second full-scale piece of work, Memoirs of an Amnesiac, to a sizeable and appreciative audience at mac, Birmingham. The show was presented as part of “Towards the Millennium”, a ten-year Festival initiated by Simon Rattle (then Principal Conductor of the CBSO) as […]

Australians don’t do “get-ins” or “fit-ups” – they do “bump-ins”, and today after a fortnight of snatching moments of film-footage and speculating about how good the black-out might be we finally “bumped-in”. On the advice of the volunteers who dedicate their time to managing the running of the Gaol Museum it has become customary to […]

This is B Wing in the ‘New Building’, Old Adelaide Gaol. It has pretty much been my home since I arrived here in Australia two weeks ago. The last inmates may have departed in 1988, but their tracings and crude artworks still remain on the cell walls as snapshot reminders of prison interests and frustrations: […]



Vesalius: a Requiem has been name-checked as one of the Adelaide Advertiser’s top 10 shows of the year. Great news for Various People (aka. Cheryl Pickering&Richard Chew) who have just arrived back in the UK to remind themselves of what they’re missing. There are plans afoot to restage another of Rick’s monumental compositions – the […]

Selected images captured from a dress run of Vesalius: a Requiem, RiAus, June 2010. Performed by Richard Chew, Philip Griffin, Graeme Rose and the choir of the Fabrica Singers. Directed by Cheryl Pickering. Visuals by Nic Mollison. Further details and credits at Various People Inc.

Chew&Rose – Light Removals Inc. We’re driving through Adelaide with a filled body-bag in the back of Rick’s 4-wheel drive; at a painfully slow speed so as to avoid rupture to the Stiff’s plasticene epidermis and to prevent its limbs from falling off on tight corners. We manage to perfect fixed driving postures, staring unflinchingly […]