things that go bump-in


Australians don’t do “get-ins” or “fit-ups” – they do “bump-ins”, and today after a fortnight of snatching moments of film-footage and speculating about how good the black-out might be we finally “bumped-in”.

On the advice of the volunteers who dedicate their time to managing the running of the Gaol Museum it has become customary to greet the resident ‘spirits’ on entering the building. Just as at Lincoln Gaol back in ’99, there are all manner of strange noises that emanate from the building without adequate explanation and we are reliably informed that there have been multiple sightings of certain ‘characters’ – notably the last man hanged in this building, whose remains are buried (upright) along with many others on the outside of the wall of ‘A’ Wing.

I’ve not been spooked by such stories but a week ago I felt something brush my hair as I entered the toilet block (an unseen giant moth, surely?) and today two of our team laughed nervously as an inexplicable light pass across a door I was blacking out.

With all the cells used as dressing rooms for this weekend’s MetalFest ‘SoundWave’ in the adjacent park I suspect that the resident spectres had been agitated, and judging from this morning’s reek of booze and vomit, other malevolent spirits had been vacating their hosts.

The next event of ephemeral wonder will appear here in ‘B’ Wing on tuesday evening. Hopefully all the energies will be in alignment.



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