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They’re separated by Hemispheres but co-incidental by date. Listen again via the following links to two national broadcasts which feature shows in the recent portfolio.

The Velvet Gentleman – Interview with Richard Chew on ABC ‘RadioNational: The Music Show’, (broadcast 16/06/12)

The Velvet Gentleman was presented by Various People Inc. at Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre, as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, 15th-17th June 2012 (details…)

The Voyage – Interview with Michael Wolters / live recording from AEHarris, 6/05/12, (broadcast 16/06/12)

The Voyage was produced by Stan’s Cafe / Michael Wolters with a 20 x 12 commission as part of the Cultural Olympiad. Performed at AE Harris, Birmingham, 7th May 2012. (details…)


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