a Dream-Walk in Skeggy


“Let me lie beside you … in my birthday suit

Let me play about the hem of your rippling skirt

Let me dip my toes in those endless kisses

And let me swim in your embrace”



This coming week Bodies in Flight bring a version of Dream-Walk to Skegness for the SO Festival. (link to Dance4 site) Sporting headphones, audience members are taken on a poetic walk around the town whilst live and pre-recorded text/music/song is mixed in to the everyday soundtrack of the town together with, of course, the sound of the sea. Bespoke versions of Dream-walk have been previously presented in Bristol, Singapore, Nottingham and Wirksworth.

Pay What You Think – Booking Required

Off to Skeggy!

Freed from the daily grind for a day, a week or a fortnight in caravan or B&B! Fun in the sun, sea and sand!

Bodies in Flight’s seaside walk celebrates the Great British Seaside Holiday.

Accessible for any age group, the walk will take you through the heart of Skegness to the beautiful coastline, exploring through a sensory mix of soundscape, movement and performance the funny, intimate and sometimes profound experiences we all have when we holiday by the seaside.

The walk lasts 35 minutes. You wil be provided with a headset to experience the specially composed soundscape whilst being guided by the performers along this dream walk.

This is an outdoor choreographed walk, so please dress accordingly.

As places are limited, please book your place by emailing Kirsten at Dance4 or calling on 0115 941 0773. Performances will commence at 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, and 4pm from inside Skegness Station.

Presented in partnership with SO Festival, commissioned by Dance4 and Big Dance Partnership. For more info about Bodies in Flight please go to www.bodiesinflight.co.uk

“There is something magical about shows like these. Armed with headsets in their ears, the audience followed the actors down the streets and corridors, their phantom voices overlapping with music and the ambient noise of traffic. The pieces were magical. The players created transcendental moments in the midst of an everyday landscape: fragments of song in stairwells … the music of a pen tapping the railings of an overpass. These pieces waken them to the wonder of the world around them.”

[N.G. Sheng, The Straits Times]
Performance Walk: Singapore (June 2009)


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