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Life Class


Images from a memorable performance of Life Class by Bodies in Flight, presented at Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham, on midsummer’s night, 21st June 2019, with support from a terrific team, Dance4 and the tea dancers of the elders group at Nottingham Mechanics. The performance was presented in tandem with an exhibition celebrating 30 years of […]

Life Class


9th February saw the first work-in-progress performance of LIFE CLASS, marking the 30th anniversary of Bodies In Flight – the Bristol/Nottingham company co-founded by Simon Jones and Sara Giddens back in 1989. The original 1989 date was significant as being Simon’s 30th birthday. After several years lecturing at Lancaster University he had recently taken up […]

Here’s a couple of hapless Greek deities from the 1992/3 show, ROUGH, devised by Bodies In Flight View this post on Instagram Another image from the Bodies In Flight Theatre Company archive, in anticipation of a publication to mark their 30th anniversary in 2019. This photograph is from their production “Rough – a passion” (1992), […]

so much SO


Bodies in Flight Dream Walk SO Festival 2013, Skegness, Lincolnshire Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 July Performances: 12PM, 1PM,  2.30PM  & 4PM This seaside walk celebrates the Great British Seaside Holiday. For any age, the walk moves from the station and along the Grand Parade  to the sea shore. Through a sensory mix of soundscape, movement and  performance […]



(From Bodies In Flight’s Dream/Walk, commissioned by and for the Wirksworth Festival 2011 with the assistance of Dance4…) Dream/Walk for Skegness, also commissioned by Dance4, will feature for the second year running over the weekend 6th/7th July as part of the SO Festival.



A link to Dave Street’s Flickr images from this weekend’s Dream-Walk, presented by Bodies in Flight, commissioned by Dance4 for the SO Festival, Skegness, Lincs.

“Let me lie beside you … in my birthday suit Let me play about the hem of your rippling skirt Let me dip my toes in those endless kisses And let me swim in your embrace”     This coming week Bodies in Flight bring a version of Dream-Walk to Skegness for the SO Festival. […]

One Sunday afternoon two walkers arrive in town in search of a rest and a well earned print.  They soon realise something is up: things look different – cars, shop-front, people’s clothes.  And what are these small boxes everyone is talking into? Yes, Graeme and Neil set out to walk the High Peak Trail on […]

Beckett locates his 1958 play thus; A late evening in the future. “Wearish” old man Krapp listens to the declamations of his younger self via a thirty year-old reel-to-reel tape recording. He skirts any sentimental reflection over the death of his mother, brooding instead on memories of an anonymous nurse or the incomparable bosom of a passer-by. […]

still moving


Four days of buzzing between B’s… Berlin>B’ham>Balham>Bristol. …strictly speaking the Berlin part was actually elegant Potsdam, full of Schloss und Wasser, where the excellent Fabrik Tanztage played host to a visit of Stan’s Cafe’s The Cleansing of Constance Brown last week. We were looked after, fed gloriously and leave lovely friends behind. After a sleepless final night of de-rig, […]