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Here’s a couple of hapless Greek deities from the 1992/3 show, ROUGH, devised by Bodies In Flight View this post on Instagram Another image from the Bodies In Flight Theatre Company archive, in anticipation of a publication to mark their 30th anniversary in 2019. This photograph is from their production “Rough – a passion” (1992), […]

Beckett locates his 1958 play thus; A late evening in the future. “Wearish” old man Krapp listens to the declamations of his younger self via a thirty year-old reel-to-reel tape recording. He skirts any sentimental reflection over the death of his mother, brooding instead on memories of an anonymous nurse or the incomparable bosom of a passer-by. […]



There’s a cornucopia of inspiring theatre events at the moment – some I’ve seen, some I’ve missed and some which I’m still relishing. Bodies in Flight reprised their morning-commute audio-walk Dream>work last week on the streets around Market Square, Nottingham. The piece was originally commissioned by Singapore-based Spell7 for the Chinatown district and has been […]