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This week Kindle Theatre bring The Furies out of hibernation for some choice dates in the wondrous cities of Cambridge and Wolverhampton. The Furies is theatre which resembles a rock gig. It’s a glam-rock music-driven interpretation of Aeschylus’s tale of Clytemnestra, in which the three vengeful Furies are summoned to exact punishment upon a brutish Agamemnon. […]


I’m thrilled to announce that The Vault is officially live, with tickets now on sale for next month’s underground festival of performance, film and …party. Kindle’s glam-inspired rock operetta The Furies hits the capital for 12 performances between the 9th and 26th February, but we recommend that you come early in the run. Not least because […]

Pilotnight @ AEHarris last night, co-piloted by Kindle – and an opportunity to make public for the first time the idea of The Digbeth Ziggurat. Thanks to some great last minute technical support from Bungle (our intrepid sound supremo) and Rob (resident Pilot tech) the cold industrial vastness of ‘the Americas room’ took on a […]



There’s a cornucopia of inspiring theatre events at the moment – some I’ve seen, some I’ve missed and some which I’m still relishing. Bodies in Flight reprised their morning-commute audio-walk Dream>work last week on the streets around Market Square, Nottingham. The piece was originally commissioned by Singapore-based Spell7 for the Chinatown district and has been […]

I gave up school trumpet lessons… and within a week (with help from Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show) fell in love with a certain kind of musicality – that is, one that was based on a shred of talent. Meanwhile my best buddy and neighbour Andy Lee, dressed in his Harrington and two-tone trousers, was […]

Pilot night


Last thursday, 2nd July, the latest Pilot Night was hosted at the A.E.Harris space and there was palpable excitement. The presented work was challenging, bold, varied and often entertaining. Too rarely is there a sense of collective pride about what can be achieved on the West Mids Arts scene, but here – assisted enormously by […]