the launching of the ziggurat


Pilotnight @ AEHarris last night, co-piloted by Kindle – and an opportunity to make public for the first time the idea of The Digbeth Ziggurat. Thanks to some great last minute technical support from Bungle (our intrepid sound supremo) and Rob (resident Pilot tech) the cold industrial vastness of ‘the Americas room’ took on a new and special ambience. I was thrilled to be able to finally commit the idea to the moment. Encouraging noises afterwards reassure me that there is life in this project. I’m not entirely sure how it might develop, perhaps as a long-term research project in collaboration with architects, city planners, funeral directors…(and possibly countless other agencies and individuals) but I feel on the verge of exciting new territory. Judging from a number of comments afterwards, my 9 yr-old (Archie) stole the show with some smartly focussed upstaging. The evening was thoroughly documented and I look forward to being able to post a link to some images.

There was a great vibe in the AEHarris space – and some fine presentations from the other invited companies. Stan’s Cafe have set up a feedback opportunity on the website. If you were there and feel inclined, please feel free to offer any further comments or suggestions…


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