first swallow, last gasp


The Forever in Your Debt tour finishes tonight at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. The end has come too soon and that’s a shame, as it feels like we’re just getting into our stride with the rhythm of the road. A few of us starting celebrating  last night after a good Weymouth gig – champagne in a dodgy seafront club followed by brandies on the beach at 3am.

Driving ‘Minty'(the Foursight minibus) over the Dorsetshire hills yesterday, I spotted my first swallow of the year. For some reason I can always remember the sequence and dates of arrival of the swallows and swifts – ever since we were able to bagsie an early lunch and escape school for an hour with Ken Thomas and his Birdwatching Club. The first swallows always arrived in mid April, the swifts during the first week of May. To my experience this repeated itself ever since with amazing accuracy. Not so this year, however ….

another thing come too early.


One Response to “first swallow, last gasp”

  1. 1 Nick Walker

    I’m full of admiration for you chaps. Always on it, and rewarded with some well deserved thunderous responses (and not so thunderous), but never a waver. Never.

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