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The Forever in Your Debt tour finishes tonight at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. The end has come too soon and that’s a shame, as it feels like we’re just getting into our stride with the rhythm of the road. A few of us starting celebrating  last night after a good Weymouth gig – champagne in a […]

Writing from Margate, with the end of the tour fast approaching, here is a run-down of the remaining opportunities to see Forever In Your Debt. The show (a collaboration between Foursight Theatre and Talking Birds) is a song-based charting of fiscal failures, as seen through the eyes of four spurious, larger-then-life family members. The piece […]

We’re in the slightly smelly basement of The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, and between dressing rooms and stage there’s a poster display, parading some of the venue’s former glories. Shows (recent and distant) stapled-down, as a cautionary reminder to rabble-rousing young pretenders. I find an early-me on the wall – as Canute the King – […]

The past week saw our merry band let loose in the fine towns of Coventry (famous for its “Lady Godiva, its Ring Road and its IKEA”) and Oxford (famous for its “Ashmolean, its Inspector Morse and its Park & Ride”). The former gig, at Warwick Arts Centre, meant an important return to the commissioning venue […]

This week saw a homecoming for Foursight Theatre Co. with the ‘Forever In Your Debt’ cavalcade screeching into the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton – always a welcome addition to the touring itinerary. As I write this, I realise that my very first visit to the Arena was 20 years ago this month (with glory what glory‘s […]

An uncertain sub-editor whittles-down a reference to Philip/Pippa (the sex change dad) with the line… “the father turns to drink”. The Hereford Times review of  Forever in Your Debt.

Last night saw premiere of Forever In Your Debt at The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford. The relief of getting the show up and running was immense, particularly given the monster 3-day Tech that has finally brought together the complicated sound, light and staging requirements. There is still a great deal of work to do to improve […]

Our rehearsal time at Warwick University is almost done. And we almost have a show; but for the myriad technical complexities which must be layered into next week’s production week transfer to The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford. (amplification, radio mics, lighting, projections, wind machines, ladies’ clothings, etc.) We ran the show properly for the first time […]

week 3 was a tough haul, and we emerged from it with the bare bones of a show, a draft 8 script and a hefty pile of sheet music – also to learn. As if to heap up reminders of the focus now required of us, our friendly builders start to construct a dirt barrage […]

We’re into week 3 of rehearsals for the forthcoming Foursight / Talking Birds collaboration Forever In Your Debt. Week 1 started with a read through of writer Nick Walker’s draft no. 5. It ended with the jaunty singing of composer Derek Nisbet’s tunes. In between was oodles of character exploration with impressive vocal gymnastics from […]