Forever In Your Debt; the talcuum skid episode


Our rehearsal time at Warwick University is almost done. And we almost have a show; but for the myriad technical complexities which must be layered into next week’s production week transfer to The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford. (amplification, radio mics, lighting, projections, wind machines, ladies’ clothings, etc.)

We ran the show properly for the first time yesterday and surprised ourselves with how moving and funny the show could be. Perhaps it was a collective excitement – knowing that David Dimbleby, George Galloway, Lord Faulkner, Clare Short et al were behind the wall preparing for a showdown on Question Time? Or perhaps it was too much sugar in our tea?

Today was different.  A gaggle of great and good from our tech teams (and from commissioning partners Warwick Arts Centre) came to view the progress. The long hours rehearsal seemed to have taken their toll: Within the first few minutes of the run I – not once but twice – fell on my arse  (the consequence of over-zealous talcuum-powdering of the set in an attempt to make set shuffling easier) and poor Allie near-concussed herself by attempting a pile-drive through 3/4 inch ply. Me in a fury, Emilia & Jill in stitches, Allie in tears. It wasn’t a bright start. We abandoned ship, took 10 minutes to recuperate, then relaunched.

It’s been a hard-working week but light has appeared at the end of the tunnel. It’s very palpable when you suddenly turn that corner and realise the show is within your grasp. Meanwhile, in the parallel universe outside, our friendly builders seem to have dismantled the dirt mountain, tidied away the generators and knocked off early for the weekend. Good for them; we”ll be back in tomorrow for more of the same. And by monday we’ll have arrived in Hereford for the next gripping installment.


2 Responses to “Forever In Your Debt; the talcuum skid episode”

  1. 1 craig

    looking forward to seeing it – the show not the falling over – although ….

  2. 2 Pomana

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