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Writing from Margate, with the end of the tour fast approaching, here is a run-down of the remaining opportunities to see Forever In Your Debt. The show (a collaboration between Foursight Theatre and Talking Birds) is a song-based charting of fiscal failures, as seen through the eyes of four spurious, larger-then-life family members. The piece […]

We’re into week 3 of rehearsals for the forthcoming Foursight / Talking Birds collaboration Forever In Your Debt. Week 1 started with a read through of writer Nick Walker’s draft no. 5. It ended with the jaunty singing of composer Derek Nisbet’s tunes. In between was oodles of character exploration with impressive vocal gymnastics from […]

I find myself having conversations about how lucky I am / one is to have work happening in these tricksy times. Maintaining a flexibility to work and working patterns is probably the key; theatre-making teaches you to have to respond to eventualities, survive on your wits, make do on the leanest means. Arts organisations can […]



First crops from my pathetic attempts to administer cultivation on the Bournville allotment. So scarcely have I been able to get up there I’m faintly embarrassed about putting in an appearance lest I be spotted and chased with pitchforks. While working with Talking Birds on the site-specific ‘Solid Blue’ show in 2002 – made for […]