pilotnights: The Digbeth Ziggurat


Pilot Night returns to the AEHarris Factory this coming thursday, 1st April, offering Fools’ Day mayhem complete with an underworld, sleazy bar, opera and trumpets. I’m taking the opportunity to share an idea that’s been festering in my head for ages.

It’s an Idea I call The Digbeth Ziggurat. Conceptual. Physical. Functional. Spiritual.

This will be an imaginary launch event for a visionary building; a recession-busting, sustainable model for urban regeneration; a response to this City’s thirst for landmark development. A Grand Monument, built by the people, for the people, visited upon by the people and ultimately containing the mortal remains of the people of this City.

There won’t be much theatricality, no technology and no tricks. Just an Idea. At the launch I’ll be asking for some modest start-up cash from the City and pledges of Corporeal donation from the audience. Come and become a part of it.


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