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Music videos don’t get much moodier than this. John Bradburn directs the latest from Chicago Black-metal-merchants LOCRIAN, from their new album, cosily titled “Return to Annihilation”.

Join Stan’s Cafe for a very special new production. Twilightofthefreakingods celebrates five glorious years @AEHarris. It will be the last performance at the venue before it ‘downsizes’ and we are planning to say goodbye in spectacular fashion. Twilightofthefreakingods is a large-scale theatrical experiment that slowly unfolds over 255 minutes with a cast of 13 ranging over more than 2000 square metres of performance space. It is a piece of visual theatre (very) loosely inspired by Götterdämmerung with the wonderful Nina West (The Cleansing of Constance Brown soundtrack) replacing Wagner at the sonic controls. The cast will be drawn from companies who have performed @AEHarris over the last five years. There will be no rehearsals, instead the cast will work from instructions and timetables unaware of what anyone else in the room will be doing. It will be an extraordinary occasion. As the show is both a celebration and unusually long, the bar will be open throughout serving flaming cocktails alongside snacks and more familiar drinks. Both cabaret and raked seating will be available for you to either engross yourself in the show or discuss it as it unfolds with your friends. You can change your viewing angle whenever you wish to concentrate on whatever strand of action you find most absorbing. Whatever happens it will be an event about which you will always want to say “and I was there”. There are just two performances: Thursday 10th October 19:00 – 23:15 and Saturday 12th October 19:45 – 24:00 Audience numbers are limited to 100 per night. To book please click here to visit our secure on-line Box Office and join us for this unique event. Twilightofthefreakingods is produced in association with Reel Access and Flatpack.

their eminences


Backstage @AEHarris venue, home of Stan’s Cafe, prior to the final performance The Cardinals. 2/2/13 (Gerard Bell, Craig Stephens & Graeme Rose. photo courtesy of Rochi Rampal)

A date for the diary: Just as soon as current show The Cardinals has returned from its premiere in Montpellier, Stan’s Cafe will be reprising The Cleansing of Constance Brown @AEHarris, in Birmingham. Craig has edited a new showreel from Joseph Potts’s documentation of March 2008 – the last time the show appeared in the […]

Pilot Night returns to the AEHarris Factory this coming thursday, 1st April, offering Fools’ Day mayhem complete with an underworld, sleazy bar, opera and trumpets. I’m taking the opportunity to share an idea that’s been festering in my head for ages. It’s an Idea I call The Digbeth Ziggurat. Conceptual. Physical. Functional. Spiritual. This will be an imaginary […]

First Bitten


If I start attempting an intelligible critique at this time of the morning I’ll get no sleep and will probably lose heart and give up anyway, so a brief shout to China Plate and all the artists who made up an excellent evening of performance extracts at Stan’s Cafe’s @AEHarris space tonight. Out of a […]