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First Incision


  Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Summerhall (fringe venue 26), no longer the new kid on the block. A powerhouse of creative energy, with Art beating Commercialism hands down. KILN ensemble, rebranded and ready to demonstrate the company’s versatility, daring and skill. Three shows, constituting a KILN mini-Fest; Lady Gogo Goch, Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall. 1st – 24th August, (except mondays) 21.05pm […]

KILN are taking a trilogy of epic shows to Edinburgh this year, but need a little helping fuelling the fire. Can you help? Take a look at these demonstration videos which give tantalising glimpses into the technology behind the work. 1. Olivia does Makey Makey 2. Olivia und der blaukopf 3. Sam introduces the instruments […]

“A Journey Round My Skull”, by KILN Ensemble (formerly Kindle Theatre) will be on the Festival circuit this summer. The show performs at Latitude in Suffolk (17th-20th July) and then at the Summerhall (venue#26) for the duration of the Edinburgh Fringe (1st – 24th August). Check out Mat Beckett’s Trailer, captured during the show’s premiere week […]



It takes some bright sparks to start a fire. Kindle Theatre were formed out of the Drama Dept. at Birmingham University. They graduated in 2005 and got on with the business of devising and touring new theatre. This week they changed their name. The heat was too much for mere Kindling. A new name heralds […]

aces of spades


A glorious homecoming for Kindle Theatre’s The Furies last saturday, which, despite the best efforts of the weather, refused to deter the hardy fans who battled snowdrifts and iced-up roads to get there and who rolled up at A.E.Harris-venue wearing appropriate protective gear. Not-so Bobbi Rage and Dave the Roadie, who will perform any cheap […]

This week Kindle Theatre bring The Furies out of hibernation for some choice dates in the wondrous cities of Cambridge and Wolverhampton. The Furies is theatre which resembles a rock gig. It’s a glam-rock music-driven interpretation of Aeschylus’s tale of Clytemnestra, in which the three vengeful Furies are summoned to exact punishment upon a brutish Agamemnon. […]



Via the Make Shift project, theatre companies Tin Box and Little Earthquake (with thanks to Point Blank) have taken charge of the prime-site empty shop at no.99 New Street, Birmingham, filling it with a dizzying programme of eye-catching, day-long performances/installations/artworks over the course of the last three weeks. Later today is the turn of Kindle […]

A newly-edited trailer for The Furies, by Kindle Theatre. Visuals taken from The Vault, Old Vic Tunnels, Feb ’12; audio from Supersonic Festival, MAC, Birmingham, Nov ’11. The Furies will be touring in 2013 but there are Autumn teasers for those suffering withdrawal symptoms. Firstly an appearance in the Pop-up shop on New Street, Birmingham […]

bilbao by night


  June 2012: ACT Festival, Bilbao Backstage with The Furies: photos by Jonathan “Bungle” Blackford



Still reeling from a whirlwind week of workshops, discussions, performances and general enlightenment at the excellent ACT Festival in Bilbao. Friends met up with and friends made. The programme concluded with an end-of-Festival performance of Kindle’s The Furies, followed by an all-night party in which the best of Basque beats segued into more familiar Anglophonic […]