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Live footage of Kindle Theatre’s ‘THE FURIES’, performed at The Vault Festival, Old Vic Tunnels, Feb 2012. Filmed and edited by Harry Winteringham @ Sound by Jonathan Blackford & Phill Ward, recorded at Supersonic Festival 2011 The Furies crash-lands in Bristol next week for the annual performance extravaganza of MayFest. As with previous years, an excellent […]

  “there is something so wildly unreserved about it that it sends you reeling into the night more than a little dazed.” The Guardian, 12th February 2012 ________________________ “…mesmerises me into some sort of hypnotic state.” Spoonfed, 14th February 2012 _____________________ “one of the most thrilling things I have ever seen….must be seen to be believed.” One Stop […]

extended play


and now you can take them home with you after the gig… The Furies opens at The Vault Festival tomorrow night, 9pm.

Construction has begun for Kindle’s Rock Operetta The Furies. The site? A disused tunnel beneath Waterloo Station. A fairly inhospitable place at first glance, but perfect for the disarming ‘other-worldliness’ of the show. We arrived to the rumbling soundtrack of trains passing far above us and a microclimate which reminded me of getting off the […]

I’m thrilled to announce that The Vault is officially live, with tickets now on sale for next month’s underground festival of performance, film and …party. Kindle’s glam-inspired rock operetta The Furies hits the capital for 12 performances between the 9th and 26th February, but we recommend that you come early in the run. Not least because […]

Following an inspiring site-visit to the Capital this week, we’re pleased to announce that come the New Year Kindle Theatre will be performing a 3-week run of The Furies in the formidable-looking confines of an underground vault beneath Waterloo Station. Encouraged by a blossoming interest in site-sensitive theatre (including recent adventures here by Punchdrunk and […]

Here is a edited fragment from the The Furies, recorded at Supersonic Festival last month. Kindle are currently taking bookings for next year’s tour, which kicks off with a 3-week run in London in February, details to be confirmed very soon. The succesful collaboration with Jewellery dept. at Birmingham City University is documented in this […]

sound and fury


In a rage of rim-shots and raucous feedback, Kindle’s latest project The Furies launched itself at an unsuspecting mac audience on saturday night. A work-in-progress, the Furies was an ambitious undertaking; a re-invention of the Furies myth(via Aeschlyus’s Oresteia), with the Kindles’ rendering their tribal alter-egos as a glammed-up rock quintet. Thanks to their irrepressible energy and some […]