going underground


Construction has begun for Kindle’s Rock Operetta The Furies. The site? A disused tunnel beneath Waterloo Station. A fairly inhospitable place at first glance, but perfect for the disarming ‘other-worldliness’ of the show. We arrived to the rumbling soundtrack of trains passing far above us and a microclimate which reminded me of getting off the plane in Singapore, with the accumulated gunk of 150 years commuter-travel seen leeching through the Victorian brickwork.

But with some working light and an industrial-scale dehumidifier the atmosphere rapidly starts to change. Our excellent truss-building team Dan and Damien from Roadrunner Rigging set to work problem-solving the peculiarities of the gently curving space and along with trusty tech assistant Will the structures take shape.

“The Furies” will perform as part of Heritage Arts’s VAULT Festival,opening next thursday, 9th February, and running thursdays – sundays until the 26th.  Tickets can be obtained here.


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