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KILN are taking a trilogy of epic shows to Edinburgh this year, but need a little helping fuelling the fire. Can you help? Take a look at these demonstration videos which give tantalising glimpses into the technology behind the work. 1. Olivia does Makey Makey 2. Olivia und der blaukopf 3. Sam introduces the instruments […]


sound and fury


In a rage of rim-shots and raucous feedback, Kindle’s latest project The Furies launched itself at an unsuspecting mac audience on saturday night. A work-in-progress, the Furies was an ambitious undertaking; a re-invention of the Furies myth(via Aeschlyus’s Oresteia), with the Kindles’ rendering their tribal alter-egos as a glammed-up rock quintet. Thanks to their irrepressible energy and some […]