aces of spades

photo: Bungle

‘Bobbi Rage’ & ‘Dave the Roadie’ clear a pathway into The Furies lair. photo: Jon ‘Bungle’ Blackford

A glorious homecoming for Kindle Theatre’s The Furies last saturday, which, despite the best efforts of the weather, refused to deter the hardy fans who battled snowdrifts and iced-up roads to get there and who rolled up at A.E.Harris-venue wearing appropriate protective gear. Not-so Bobbi Rage and Dave the Roadie, who will perform any cheap stunt, it seems, to draw an audience. The Furies was presented as part of the fortnight-long Theatre Fever programme which was choc-ful of West Midlands talent. I spent week one performing in Stan’s Cafe epic adaptation of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy, which was commissioned by and premiered at Warwick Arts Centre. In week two I was only too pleased to catch Soul City Arts’ If Walls Could Speak, Untied Artists For Their Own Good and Bodhan Piasecki’s Palimpsest City before time ran out. Dare I say it, I had too much on…

Hot news off the press reveals that The Furies next outing will be in Gateshead as part of the much celebrated GIFT Festival (5th May).

Ps. Regular visitors to this site will know that I’ve slowed down my contributions to this site to a sad minimum; I’ve been losing heart, there’s no better way of putting it. It’s not that there’s been nothing to write about – far from it –  but sometimes that small space between action and inaction seems so monumental not even the efficacious tinctures from Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy (administered through a clyster-pipe) have been able to prod me into committing to the page. Now, in a rare moment of activity, I’m tagging this post ‘naked’ and ‘shovel’ in an attempt to stoke up the dynamism and encourage the traffic back. Apologies, all. Thanks for sticking with me through the lean times x.


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