Life Class


BiF 30 Life Class

9th February saw the first work-in-progress performance of LIFE CLASS, marking the 30th anniversary of Bodies In Flight – the Bristol/Nottingham company co-founded by Simon Jones and Sara Giddens back in 1989.


The original 1989 date was significant as being Simon’s 30th birthday. After several years lecturing at Lancaster University he had recently taken up a post at Bristol, where he remains Professor of Performance at the now grand (and frankly unbelievable) age of 60. Sara was my erstwhile collaborator in Glory What Glory, the first of many companies to emerge out of the Lancaster scene in 1988; inspired and mentored by Pete Brooks (Impact Theatre Co-op, Insomniac Prods, Imitating the Dog) who joined the Lancaster as Fellow in 1986. But as Bodies In Flight, Sara and Simon have continued to create work – marrying their respective mediums of choreography & writing (the Flesh & the Text) in an impressive body of work.

Prior to the performance of LIFE CLASS, Dr. Andrew Quick (Imitating the Dog) spoke of the enduring legacy of the BIF at the launch of an installation of the Company’s work. Images by photographer/printmaker Ed Dimsdale, an accompanying exhibition of the Company’s work curated by the Theatre Collection at Bristol University and a video triptych by Tony Judge with edited highlights from the company’s back catalogue.

Tony has put together some of these images from this alongside extracts of Andrew Quick’s speech.

Happy Birthday, Bodies In Flight.

Life Class credits:

Simon Jones – writer / director
Sara Giddens – choreography / director
Tony Judge – video
Neil Johnstone – sound design / composer
Morven Macbeth & Graeme Rose – performers

with special thanks to Dance4, Nottingham, and Nottingham Mechanics.


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