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They’re separated by Hemispheres but co-incidental by date. Listen again via the following links to two national broadcasts which feature shows in the recent portfolio. The Velvet Gentleman – Interview with Richard Chew on ABC ‘RadioNational: The Music Show’, (broadcast 16/06/12) The Velvet Gentleman was presented by Various People Inc. at Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre, […]

An artist ought to regulate his life.
 Here is the exact time-table of my daily life:
 Get up: at 7:18 a.m.; inspired: from 10:23 to 11:47.  I lunch at 12:11 pm. and leave the table at 12:14.
      A healthy turn on the horse to the end of my grounds: from 1:19 to 2:53.  […]

On this night, 12th April, twenty years ago, Stan’s Cafe premiered the company’s second full-scale piece of work, Memoirs of an Amnesiac, to a sizeable and appreciative audience at mac, Birmingham. The show was presented as part of “Towards the Millennium”, a ten-year Festival initiated by Simon Rattle (then Principal Conductor of the CBSO) as […]