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Journalist Paul Klaric has kindly posted me this updated link to a TV feature he made for ABC’s ‘SA Stateline‘ in June 2010. The feature was first broadcast in South Australia in advance of the opening performance of Vesalius – a Requiem at RiAus, Adelaide. Originally produced by our company The Resurrectionists at the Old Operating […]

This is B Wing in the ‘New Building’, Old Adelaide Gaol. It has pretty much been my home since I arrived here in Australia two weeks ago. The last inmates may have departed in 1988, but their tracings and crude artworks still remain on the cell walls as snapshot reminders of prison interests and frustrations: […]

Selected images captured from a dress run of Vesalius: a Requiem, RiAus, June 2010. Performed by Richard Chew, Philip Griffin, Graeme Rose and the choir of the Fabrica Singers. Directed by Cheryl Pickering. Visuals by Nic Mollison. Further details and credits at Various People Inc.

Chew&Rose – Light Removals Inc. We’re driving through Adelaide with a filled body-bag in the back of Rick’s 4-wheel drive; at a painfully slow speed so as to avoid rupture to the Stiff’s plasticene epidermis and to prevent its limbs from falling off on tight corners. We manage to perfect fixed driving postures, staring unflinchingly […]

Energy and excitement as we launch into production weekend, with the Various People team at full stretch – whether in the construction of an auditorium for the space at RiAus, the finalisation of backing tracks (I can hear man Chew tapping away furiously at the keyboard in his basement cave), Choir rehearsals, Lighting/Technical plot, or […]

We’re piecing together Vesalius – a Requiem, from fragments – scratchy video excerpts, musical manuscript, leftover props, pamphlets and notebooks; photos taken by Martin in the police mortuary in Southwark, typed-out texts from Alan, scribbled texts from me… …and memories. Memories which often contradict or fail. There was no single clean documentation of a performance, […]

aldgate east


Some places remain undeniable hotspots for the culturati, and a visit to E1. is a rare treat, bringing back great memories of events and encounters. It was after a visit to The Whitechapel Gallery in the spring of 1991 that James and I first conjured the idea or forming a new theatre company. The crucial […]

The time for secrets is over. Today we split the heart sac. In this small room we unpack the hidden things, set free the stopped voices, the sins kept silent, the shut breath. Here, at the terminus, nothing matters. (words by Alan Hay, photo by Martin Crook) Vesalius – a Requiem was the first music-theatre […]

Great news – a request for Stan’s Cafe’s The Cleansing of Constance Brown to appear at an uber-cool Festival in Cologne at the end of May! It will be the show’s first outing since September ….except (damnit) ….I can’t do it, because….. Great news – a request for The Modified Toy Orchestra to appear at […]

A flurry of excited e-mail exchanges with my co-Resurrectionists Cheryl Pickering and Richard Chew confirms that our music-theatre opus Vesalius-a Requiem is closer to being restaged. Rick and I created the piece for The Old Operating Theatre Museum, at London Bridge, in 1996, having previewed it in mac‘s intimate Hexagon Theatre a couple of months […]