a re-Resurrection


A flurry of excited e-mail exchanges with my co-Resurrectionists Cheryl Pickering and Richard Chew confirms that our music-theatre opus Vesalius-a Requiem is closer to being restaged. Rick and I created the piece for The Old Operating Theatre Museum, at London Bridge, in 1996, having previewed it in mac‘s intimate Hexagon Theatre a couple of months earlier.

The experience of creating and delivering Vesalius was profound. It became an obsession, a love affair –  and one that we knew would be properly revisited at some unknown future time. In ’97 I presented extracts amongst the specimens of the Hunter Museum and in ’98 a version of the show travelled to Bologna, sometime workplace of Renaissance anatomist Andreas Vesalius (courtesy of The British Council). Only now though, after intermittant romancing of the idea, do we have the opportunity to re-investigate the material and make a new work. Plans are moving forward for a new show, in collaboration with the Royal Institution of Australia – Science Exchange, in Adelaide (RiAus) in May or June next year.


3 Responses to “a re-Resurrection”

  1. 1 James

    Good work! I hope Alan Hay will be back in harness with you.
    Not sure I’m going to be able to get out to see it though, more’s the pity.

  2. Yes, indeed. The wordmeister Hay has been contacted.

  3. 3 Tim Bishop

    Oh no Graeme…! Not a script, please…!! Liking the sound of the concept; can’t wait to come see it! Hope you’re feeling positive about the project.

    Don’t be disheartened by having to submit to the stranglehold of a script, the god of theatre works in mysterious ways and maybe the script will provide something to be grappled with and provoke creative reaction in itself?? Anyway, if anyone were to think your interjection was mis-judged then it’s better to be talked about than not..! I for one like your inspiring interjections and miss them greatly!

    Hope all’s well, see you soon hopefully!

    Tim x

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