Vesalius: rehearsals, week two


Energy and excitement as we launch into production weekend, with the Various People team at full stretch – whether in the construction of an auditorium for the space at RiAus, the finalisation of backing tracks (I can hear man Chew tapping away furiously at the keyboard in his basement cave), Choir rehearsals, Lighting/Technical plot, or the rounding up of the props and furnishings from medical institutions from around the City.

(Further details of the show or how to book can be found at the RiAus site.)

In the meantime, here are a few glimpses at the past week’s activities;

…Von Hagens, anonymous body donor & Albinus for lunch. Performer/singer Philip Griffin spends his breaktime genning up on the specifics of human dissection. Iron-clad stomachs a prerequisite for this job.

The early dissectors procured their working materials either from the gibbet or out of unsecured graves. Fearing a controversy and in respect to our public funders, we decided to commission sculptor Diwani Oak to create ‘Jack’ instead. After each visceration, Jack has to be ‘stitched back up’ for a rehearsal or performance.

Resurrection men Chew and Rose  after a radio interview on South Australia’s EBC (Ethnic Broadcasting Co.), Adelaide. A calm before the storm?

Watch this space for further updates on progress.



3 Responses to “Vesalius: rehearsals, week two”

  1. 1 Nick Walker

    Good luck pal

  2. 2 Lisa T.C.

    Hi, hoping this finds you sooper grand…at last mobile web will let me log on…in time for your first ozzie performance and at the time difference transition less a scorpion in my bath! Hey ive blogged! Sounds like u bin having a journey with ur post show set up. Loved the pick of u and rick. Well sunshine enjoy enjoy and all the best with ur shows. Love to rick n cheryl. Luv lis X

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