vesalius: pre-preview


Vesalius previews this evening at Riaus. The show is sold out tonight and tomorrow (thurs), with tickets disappearing fast for the remaining five performances. The show will feature on ABC’s StateLine on friday evening.

ABC’s Paul Klaric interviews composer/performer Richard Chew in his scrubs. Director Cheryl Pickering awaits her turn in front of the camera.

Mortician/cantors Chew and Griffin prepare for their roles…(Video artist and lighting designer Nic Mollison has created the projections, which draw on material from Vesalius’s Fabrica) .

We are lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside RiAus (Royal Institute of Australia) in presenting Vesalius in their stunningly refurbished, hi-tech building which formerly housed the Adelaide Stock Exchange. Here’s a StateLine  report on the recent opening of RiAus.


2 Responses to “vesalius: pre-preview”

  1. 1 Michele de Courcy

    Graeme, I saw the show on Friday evening and loved it. Really powerful stuff. The combination of your acting and Richard’s music made quite a feast for the mind and the heart. It was worth being an “opera widow” for a week!

  2. Hi Graeme,

    I’ve put the Vesalius story on my YouTube site. The link won’t expire like the previous one. If you’d like to link to it please feel free to do so.

    I hope you are well.

    Best wishes


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