you wait ages for a bus… then three come along at the same time…


Great news – a request for Stan’s Cafe’s The Cleansing of Constance Brown to appear at an uber-cool Festival in Cologne at the end of May! It will be the show’s first outing since September ….except (damnit) ….I can’t do it, because…..

Great news – a request for The Modified Toy Orchestra to appear at an uber-cool Festival in Aalst, Belgium. It would be the long-awaited first gig of the year, and a launch pad for the album …except (damnit) ….I can’t do it, because….

Great news – The revived, reworked Vesalius – a Requiem is scheduled to open at The Royal Institute of Australia, Adelaide, 4th and 5th June. I’m doing it, damnit! The flights are booked, the sarcophagus lid in the process of being jemmied off and the dust blown from Alan Hay’s old script.

…pages curl and blacken in a second and the motes and sparks lift and turn in the air. Winking rings of speckled fire dilate and coalesce. It is a vision of a man and he subsists in a mighty concourse of planets and suns and I see at once the way ahead. No more peering through dim ancient portals and raking over silent embers. It will be my task to travel these red orbits with my hands, to journey in this firmament and name the names of its moons and count the number of its suns. I will annotate the music of its forces and ratios and whosoever stops my mouth or stays my hand will be an enemy of Knowledge and their time is over from this day.

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One Response to “you wait ages for a bus… then three come along at the same time…”

  1. 1 James

    Nothing like booking a trip to Oz for summoning up uber-cool festival gigs. Could this strategy be harnessed by a tour booker in some way?

    The notion of Constance in Cologne without Graeme is a scary one. Jake can’t do it either so Nina will win the prize for the only person to have been involved in every single Constance gig. The Constant Presence even.

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