Living Toys


Living Toys

It’s the realisation of a dream combination; Stan’s Cafe v. Modified Toy Orchestra v. Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. ‘Living Toys’ is a programme of new music performed for a family audience, with Stan’s Cafe devising a theatrical frame through which young eyes and ears might access and experience contemporary music for the first time. ‘Living Toys’ is also the title of the suite composed by Thomas Adès (conductor: Christian Karlsen) which provides the climax to a sequence of compositions by Richard Baker/Brian Duffy/MTO, Colin Matthews and Arne Gieshoff, whose ‘Verdreht’ received it’s World Premiere today at the CBSO Centre.

In other news from this week, I was delighted to perform alongside Urban Thompson in the World Premiere of Bobbie Gardner’s ‘Chef Concerto’ in the Adrian Boult Hall on thursday. In this five-minute work, the Symphony Orchestra of Birmingham Conservatoire play a competitive accompaniment to the chef as he prepares and presents a dish – in this instance a phenomenal Thai Prawn salad.

Performances of ‘Living Toys’ continue at the CBSO Centre on tuesday 28th January for invited schools’ audiences.


3 Responses to “Living Toys”

  1. Inspiring & innovative as always – love the fact that you merge the projects that you are close to into new art mediums. Good luck x

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